This is the guy who started it all!
Mortal Cinz
5/18/1975 - 12/1/2005
I walked "Cin" home three days before Chistmas, 1978. I was 12. It was the start of an amazing 27 year relationship.
He taught me everything I know about horses. Just imagine the hours he endured as I learned how to braid his tail - and practiced over and over again.
He taught me how to ride - really ride. People would call him "crazy," as we would have to buck for 10 minutes before every lesson in order to settle him down - I called him "fun."
He taught me how to shoe and was the one who gave me the idea to pursue this career. As a teenager, I spent many appointments sitting patiently on the picnic table with Cin grazing beside. When it became dark, it was apparent the farrier wasn't going to show up for "just one horse" - again. So, Cin also gave me sympathy for the "one horse family."
He taught me unconditional love. Twenty seven years took me through a lot of different stages in my life, yet he was always there to greet me no matter how long I was gone - just like
"The Giving Tree" (Shel Silvertein)
And...He also taught my children how to ride. He came full circle in my life - and never once resented me for it. I loved him.